Friday, February 11, 2011

The Cone of Shame

I did it.

I had Special Cat spayed. 

No more privates. 

I feel terrible even though I know it was necessary.  This has for sure been the saddest 24 hours of her life.

On the way to the vet she was overly affectionate; purring louder than normal and unwilling to leave my lap for a second.  I would say that this was because she knew something was going on and was sucking up, but let's be honest, she's not that bright.  Which means she was just being affectionate. 

This made dropping her off even more difficult...especially once her tiny meows started accusing me of abandonment.

The drive from the vet back home after the deed was done was awful.  I didn't want to take her out of the box if I couldn't watch her, so she just stayed in her tiny little Cosmic Pet Shuttle - which is a box that apparently is supposed to make animals think they are going into space and not to the vet according to the pictures on the outside of it (this thing is hilarious, btw) - and struggled and meowed.  She eventually gave up and was quiet and still.

When we got home I took her out of the box set her on the ground.  She just sat there.  She was so sad.  Her sad little cone head and her tiny neon green cast on her arm from the IV tugged at my heartstrings.

I felt so terrible that I decided to remove her cone and see how she did without it.  It wasn't good.

Well, first, she fell over.  Which I guess was expected.  Also, sad.  She got her little cast off in a matter of seconds and there was no way that thing was going back on.  I accepted that.

I walked into the other room to go get her a little bed to sleep on. 

As I walked back into my living room, I was completely shocked by what I saw:

Special Cat had somehow put the cone back on her head.

That's right.  The cone that she had been battling for the past hour was now around her head again, and she was stuck.  The thing wasn't even tied on.  She was also carrying her cast around in her mouth like a trophy.

I probably should have rushed to her side to help her get it off again because it was pretty pathetic, but instead I ran back into my bedroom to retrieve my camera and proceeded to take pictures and laugh. 

<------ Cone of Shame

Don't judge, it was really, really funny.  You would have too.

The rest of the evening resulted in me feeling terrible every time she attempted to eat/drink/walk/play.  She is very confused.  She knocks over the bowl when she tries to eat or drink because of the lack of understanding of the cone and her new depth perception.  She freaks out when Large Cat comes up to play because it seems like she is sneaking up on her.  She got poop on the cone because using the litter box is apparently now very difficult.  It's so sad.  But since I work I have to leave to cone on for at least the day. 

The Cone of Shame. 

I was at first concerned she might resent me after everything is done, but last night when her little cone head didn't leave my side for a minute, I knew I was probably wrong.  She loves me even though I just had her privates removed.

I'm sorry Special Cat it was for your own good!  You'll be back to normal (???) in no time!

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