Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love Cheese

I do love cheese, more than cheese will ever know.  But this is not about that delicious food that will make me stop whatever I am doing and salivate.  Although, to be perfectly honest, that might be a future entry.

...That will probably be a future entry.  Because I love cheese that much.

No, no.  Today is about a different kind of cheese.  I've decided that I officially love the cheesiness associated with romance.  Love it. 

Which means:  I officially love Valentine's Day. 

I'm sure there was a time when I bashed on Valentine's Day, but the only reason I would be bitter towards this holiday would be if I didn't have someone to share it with.  And that has nothing to do with the day, or the world's decision to acknowledge it, or the traditions it's associated with.  It has to do with me wanting someone to celebrate it with.  And that's the honest truth.  Because what's not to love about flowers and chocolates and presents and free dinners? 

Nothing.  That's what. 

I know that people that are single (I have been guilty of this myself) complain that it is either just a day to make single feel people crappy that they aren't with someone, or that it's just a commercialized holiday to get people's money.  But come on.  It's fun and you know it.

Don't you remember in grade school when the whole class passed out Valentines to each other, and you consequently ended up with like, 30 Valentines???  Well I do.  And everyone was stoked.  Because it feels nice to get stuff.  And give stuff for that matter.

And back then no one was too cool for Valentine's Day.  I don't remember anyone in my class saying:

"You know what?  I reject your Snorks Valentine.  Because this holiday is stupid.  And I am going to openly verbalize my skeptical opinion about it.  To the point where I am going to make you feel stupid for liking it."


"Why do you need a certain day to celebrate our relationship?  You should do that everyday.  (Also, I'll trade you my ham sandwich for your PB&J.)"


"I would love to accept this card, but I find the phrase "Be Mine" incredibly cliche and corny, and therefore I do not accept.  Please put this card into someone else's construction paper heart envelope, not mine." 

No.  Everyone was freaking stoked.  Because getting stuff is awesome.  Even if it's just a stupid card or a piece of candy. 

So to all you Valentine's Day naysayers: I call bullshit.  Because deep down if you really hate this holiday that much it's only because you care enough about it to feel some sort of strong emotion about it.  And hate is only unfulfilled love.  Which means you secretly love it, but do not feel it loves you back so the love turned to hatred.  So HA!  Lawyered.

Furthermore:  after accepting this about myself I realize that on top of Valentine's Day, I love everything that is considered corny/cheesy/cliche, especially when it comes to dating.

If you want to date me, here are things you should know:
  • On Halloween, we will be carving pumpkins.  Why?  Because it's awesome.  And fun.  And cute.  And then we can bake the pumpkin seeds together and eat way too many.  And we will dance 'til the sun rises.  And then our children will form a family band.  And we will tour the countryside.
  • On Christmas, I will want to go drive around and look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate.  Fun.  Cute.  Romantic.  Tradition.  Love it.
  • On Valentine's Day I will want to go out to dinner...bonus points if I get a little gift or flowers.  I think I have explained this one enough, but if I'm your girlfriend you should be stoked to take me out on this day and show me off like a frickin' prize.  I'm just sayin.
  • On my birthday, plan something fun/cute for us to do.  Because it's my birthday.  And you think I'm awesome.  Which is why you're dating me.

I LOVE cheesiness.  And romance.  I can't get enough.  Bring me flowers.  Leave notes on my car.  Call me sweetheart.  I want it all.  All the time.  I am not too cool to enjoy these things and I question the honesty of girls who say they don't.  I can live without it, but deep down I will always want to be spoiled.  So boys, bring on the cheese.

And Happy Valentine's Day. 


I also love surprises.  Surprise coffee and purple flowers at work from my Valentine.  Swoon.

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  1. I love cheese too. Thanks for reminding me. -V.D.