Friday, May 13, 2011

Boobs, Osama, Ke$ha, Charlie Sheen, Japan, Gas Prices!

Apparently because I titled one of my blog entries "Beerfest," I have exponentially increased the amount of views my entire blog gets each day.

I wrote it about 5 days ago and we're going on 550 views on that entry alone. 

In other words, I'm pretty much famous.

It's really pretty crazy considering the most views of any of my entries since January (when I started) is about 200.


So I am conducting an experiment to generate more traffic to my blog!  Welcome!

This post title consists of what I think people are currently searching the most!

They will search these things.

And then they will come here.

And then they will realize this post is just to get them to come here.

But then they will read some of my other posts.

Like this one:  Why I Need A Loris (OMFG LOL THIS IS SO FUNNY!)

And this one:  Top 5 Things That Annoy Me While Driving (HA LOLZ JK SO FUNNY READ IT NOW!)

And also this one:  The Creep Five (ROTFLMFAO 4 DAYZ!)

And all of the other ones.

And then they will love me forever.

And they will buy me pandas.

And kittens.

But mostly, they will read my blog.  And I will become famous.  And all of my dreams will come true, also. 


Let's see how this goes, shall we?


After doing some research, I have discovered that it's mostly based off of the human centipede image that I put up.  Which is hilarious and disturbing.  So I'm revamping this by posting images.  Hooray!!!


  1. People have this one in the past a lot. They used to put text in the same color as the background so that it wasn't readable. The text would just be big hitting keywords. You are now one of "them".

  2. I don't like your tone, "anonymous." If that is your real name. This is my blog and I shall do as I please. Further, it's not working.