Friday, January 28, 2011

Sad Panda 8:(

Today I am inclined to explain one of the stupid things I say with frequency.

I think I pretty much just assume everyone I talk to knows what's going on in my mind and has all the inside scoop as to how I arrive at my word choices and/or comments.  That is dumb.  But since I will probably mention this particular reference at some (perhaps multiple) point(s) in my blog, I may as well explain it now and then just post a link to this entry.  (Genius, I know.)

So it all originated back in...I guess High School?  Junior High? 

The phrase is, "Sad Panda."

Sad panda can be used to express the disappointment, dissatisfaction, or just plain sadness.  It is totally stupid, but me and the majority of my friends for some reason find it hilarious. 

Sad panda is not to be confused with this panda:

Dancing Panda

Which also played a large role in my high school tomfoolery.

Or this panda:

Angry Panda

Which is so, so awesomely hilarious.

No, no.  This panda is a sad panda.  And here is its origin.

Sexual Harassment Panda = Sad Panda

So instead of saying, "You know, I'm not having the best day today.  In fact, I'm kind of sad."

I opt for:

"I'm a sad panda."


"Today, I am the saddest panda."

I even started making 'sad panda' text emoticons with my friend because of how often I say this.

Now if you're thinking, "God, I would give anything to know what these emoticons are, and how I can implement them into my daily life," fear not.

I am going to share them with all of you so you can spread sad panda like wild fire.  Together, we will take over the world, and maybe one day own a panda.


8:( <----- This is your standard sad panda.  Notice the ears, and the sad face.  It's pretty unmistakable.  This panda says, "I'm here, I'm sad, and I'm a panda, get used to it."

8:'s <---- This is 'Sanda.'  A term my friend coined.  This simply shortens the amount of words you would need if you were texting sad panda to someone.  "Sad" = "Panda" = "Sanda."  Note the 's' for sad.  There's also a tear in there to make it extra sad.  Makes perfect sense. 

.....Though I just realized it takes longer to text than normal Sad Panda..... Frick.  (Shortcut fail.)

8:/ <------ This is 'Blanda.'  Blanda is when I am feeling 'Blah.'  It's a Blah Panda.  Sideways mouth for indifference with a *tinge* of disappointment.

8:D <---- This goes against everything panda related I have discussed, but this is 'Handa,' which is short for Happy Panda.  I pretty much never use this.  But I will let you make that decision for yourselves.

This blog was stupid.  I'm sorry.

And that makes me a saaaad panda.


  1. you should be sorry, this really is horrible.

    ps, i didn't read it

  2. so many of my friends say sad panda all the time and i DONT GET IT. thanks for this post.

  3. My life has been made less beautiful thanks to you :)

  4. Too much School brought me to this Panda :-( They... they took our Friday. No lessons that day, and they added like 6 hours? Is that even legal?