Sunday, January 16, 2011

Me + Moving = Laziness

Tonight I realized something about myself: Moving turns me into the laziest human being in existence.

I'm pretty lazy as it is...I never got around to changing the crappy door handle that locks people into/out of my bathroom, I don't think I have ever dusted my apartment in the year and a half I have lived here, instead of buying a new vacuum that actually works I just borrow different people's vacuums when my carpet gets out of control due to excessive cat related things (not gross ones)...I didn't even put my Christmas tree up this year; instead I bought a poinsettia because it was easier.

But the fact that I am moving in a little over a week has taken things to a whole new level.

Now, even though my carpets are sprinkled with cat litter from the dance parties that my cats throw, I am telling myself, "Well I'm moving.  Why would I clean it now when I'm just going to be cleaning it again in a week?"

My dishes stare sadly and quietly back at me from the right side of the sink begging to be washed, "But why would I clean them now when I just have to do it all again in a week?"

My laundry is spilling out helplessly over my laundry bag..."I'll just take care of that next week...because of the moving.."

I finally realized tonight that this had officially spiraled out of control when one of my cats (we allll know which one it was) took a shit right outside of the litter box, and for a second, just for one brief second I thought, "But I'm mov- good God, what have I become?"

Of course I cleaned it up, don't worry, I'm sure you're all concerned and a little grossed out.  (Sidenote, I think Special Cat senses something is wrong, she has been especially special these past few days)

Disclaimer/Point of this blog: For the next week, I intend to do nothing but the bare minimum in order to get by and not be completely disgusting.  So ye be warned, all who intend to visit and bid farewell to my Dana Point apartment.  And watch where you step.  Also.



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