Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special Cat

About 4 months ago I got a new kitten to keep my super fat adult cat company.  Yes, I am inching slowly towards becoming a crazy cat lady.  I am stopping at 2, however, because as someone once said, "A 3rd cat means a 10th cat."  I concur.

I should have known there was something a little off when in the pet store she was standing on her hind legs screaming bloody murder the entire time I was in the pet store, but I chose to ignore it.  The result is, I now am the proud owner of Special Cat.

Special Cat does things like:

  • Cry when she has to go poop because she still doesn't understand what's happening to her body.
  • Poop on the litter box instead of in the litter box.
  • Run around my apartment as if an invisible force is chasing her and threatening her life.

***The above point never, never ends.  Ever.  If you have met her, you know I am not exaggerating. ***

  • Tackle Large Cat at all times, even when playtime is clearly over.
  • Chase her tail, because she has still not figured out it is attached to her body.
  • Tackle me in the middle of the night because she thinks I'm some sort of sheet monster.
  • Meow incessantly while she does all of these things.

There are lots more that become clarified by spending time with her.  Just for fun, here is that picture again.  Now that you know a little more about her, maybe it will make more sense.

Please note the tongue.  And the fact that I had just finished cleaning the litter box because of one of her little episodes.  Oh Special Cat.  What would I do without you?  Probably sleep a lot more.

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